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Default Re: Salvaging parts from broken rod

Usually you can salvage everything but handles. Once that cork is glued on, its on. I salvage everything.... guides, tip tops, winding checks, seat hardware and if possible the seat inserts, even the hook keepers. Yes, I am cheap and on older bamboo rods, beyond repair, I keep everything. Never know when you will get a rebuild that needs that certain component.

On the seat you can use heat. Usually I put the seat in a bag an soak it for a bit in boiling water. I have also used my heat gun if I don't care about the insert or blank. Guides you can use heat on the epoxy and then score it with a razor blade. Peel the thread and finish off and you are good to go. No need to be fussy about scoring the blank, if you are only salvaging parts.

What section did you break? Many manufactures will supply a new section if you send the rod back. They want the rod back to fit up the new section.

Sevier: Rumor has it that there may be some health issues. But like I said "rumor has it", nothing offical. Try calling, I know some folks have gotten hold of them via the phone.
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