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Default Re: Let's Talk About Knives.....................

Originally Posted by moxnichts View Post
Anyone familiar with original Rigid knives? These have been sitting in one drawer or another for a long time. The history of the company is a little hard to doccument. They were made in So. California in the 70's and rumor is that several Buck employees started moonlighting and making them in one of their garages and got let go because of it. Who knows? Now the Rigid name still exists but has been sold so the insignia shows up on all sorts of knives that are no longer made in the USA. I was 15 or 16 when I bought them at a store called Gemco which no longer exists either. Kind of like Westinghouse where I worked. Now the good old Circle Bar W logo shows up on all sorts of cheaply made imports.
Rigid knives were made in Santee, Calif starting in the 1970s. But, like so many brands, they were later made in Asia (recently, Buck knives too).
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