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Default Re: fish#1:my first CUTBOW? fish#2: what type of CUTTHROAT is this?

Originally Posted by newby View Post
Not certain about the fish in question #1. Looks a lot like a rainbow with VERY few characteristics of a cutthroat, and the slashes on his throat are not defined very well or of a very deep color. Probably a cuttbow, maybe not a 50/50 cuttbow, but perhaps he has some genetics from a cutthroat in his recent past. If not that than just a rainbow.

Fish in question #2 is not a brown. Definitely a very dull rainbow, with, again, perhaps some level of cutthroat in his genes if he has the slashes you posted.

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Also, since Gore Creek is a trib of the Eagle River, which is a trib of the Colorado River, any cutthroat trout or hybrids you catch in there are likely to be of the Colorado River Cutthroat variety, assuming stocking of other types of cutthroat has not taken place.
OP said Clear Creek, Cuttbows have been stocked in there.
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