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Default Re: St. Louis Streams

A couple of things about BSC. First if you go, lots of bug juice. Tons of chiggers and ticks, etc... Second, if it is your first time there you may want to try upstream of highway/route N. There are many, many good opportunities to extract a trout all the way up to the Salvation Army camp. You can actually park off the road just south of the overpass/culvert. Think small with your fly selection 16-20 on your patterns. There is rarely a hole deeper than 4'. I personally avoid bead head patterns and have had better success with a little wire underbody. Avoid suspension devices aka indicators. The fish aren't picky as to specific patterns. If your fly is "buggy" it will fish. PTN, Hares Ear, small scuds do fine underwater, Elk hair caddis Adams or Ants are great dries to consider. The fish hold in what one would call obvious "fishy" spots. You are only going to get a drifts before the fish shut down in any one spot.

Like Geoff said, it's a technical stream and hard to fish, but it is loaded with trout. They are just very hard to catch. Very, very hard. I will take BSC over any park any day.

I should also note that the fish here are wild and for the most part small. They are vivid and remarkably colored. I have heard tales of fish in excess of 12" being caught but I have not caught a trout out of BSC in excess of 8". Attached is my personal best.

Click the image to open in full size.

Hope this helps.

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