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Default Re: Pet Peeve's.............

Originally Posted by popperhopper View Post
Another good way to store mono you pick up is in a Pringles can.
A buddy showed me this trick. When fishing all day he buys a small can (the half size tube) of Pringles. He slices an X in the flexible lid after he finishes them.
Just wad up used fishing line and jam it through the X. The flexible lid will keep the mono and stuff from popping back out the container and the small tube can be stored in a pocket. Just toss the can and buy more Pringles. This tip only seems to work if you buy Pringles like I do.....
I'll use this. I fish lots in the Caribbean, and Pringles are a favorite snack there. Almost every guide boat has both Pringles and garbage mono; I plan to put them together as you suggested. Thanks.
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