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Default Re: Damn! That was a humbling experience.

Originally Posted by biggie_robs View Post
That size cuda is supposed to be pretty good eating. I've never had it, but I'm curious...
Not to get too far from the topic, but thought I'd better chime in with an answer and a warning.
Barracuda is delicious to eat. I eat it regularly in Belize (fried is my favorite). Taste is unique; less oily than mackerel, more than snapper.

BEWARE: Barracuda is illegal to sell in the US due to ciguatera, "a type of toxin commonly found in fish. Eating fish with ciguatera causes an illness that can result in stomach and digestive related problems, some severe physiological problems including severe headaches, soreness of the muscles, changes in blood pressure and heart problems, and sometimes even death. Smaller barracudas can safely be eaten, but the larger ones often have such high levels of ciguatera that they are dangerous to eat."
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