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Default Re: Lunchbreak gill bustin!!

Originally Posted by rickf View Post
It's a sad reality! The main reason I purchased a float tube is only because I can fish the places the shore fishin' guys can't get to!

Easy access means very little fish (lots of fishing pressure from the thousand bait boys) and usually trash all over the place.

I C&R and don't trash the water ........ but most guys today don't enjoy the wonderful experience that I do?


Nice 'gill! I'm doing the exact thing ..... and having the time of my life with my 3wt!

Same thing with trout! The easy access streams are almost fishless, but the hard to get to remote streams are packed with wild trout.
That's why I got a float tube as well. Still hard to find places clear enough to launch it though. Parking can also be an issue.
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