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Default Re: 10 pages anbd a project away from freedom!

Originally Posted by fredaevans View Post
For Jollies, look up (if you don't already know) the import and banning of the musket. Year'ish later you had a war on our hands.

Next is we won. 1/3 wanted/supported, 1/3 wanted nothing to do with it, 1/3 supported King George (rough number's here only). Those that supported KG (the 3rd?) were given a choice. Get out, and get out. Many went north to eastern Canada ... which was French.

Canada still lives (politically) with how that turned out. Ever buy a box/can of food 'up there?' Labels have to be printed in both languages. Lot of us still refer to them as 'Frogs.'

Yes, I was born/raised in Canada.


Didn't take the Colonial troupes too long to figure out 'pitched battles,' unless needed (you usually got your ass kicked) was not a good "Plan A." Every one knows about 'Gorilla Warfare,' actually invented here. In 'Europe' the fighting was long lines of troupes blasting away at each other at 50 or less yards and Officer's, or aiming at same, was a 'no-no.' The 'Kentucky Long Rifle' took care of that; you could pop one off his horse at 150-200 yards if you were a good shot. And if you owned one, you probably were. Not the invention of the 'Sniper,' but pretty close.

'Cut off the head and you kill the snake' was one description I remember reading.

But I ramble.

Oh, yes. Talked about alot of it in class. This course has had less emphasis on the military side than many course, though. It brought out more of the tensions between Catholic New France and Protestant New England. It drove a lot of events and does not get much press.

Incidentally, I am French-Canadian in heritage (last name is Charboneau). We hail from Michigan originally. My grandmother was a Canadian citizen who married an American after WWI. My grandfather was a Frenchmen from up around Duluth, MN and wound up in Detroit.

We have a cross-border family reunion each year. This year it is on the American side, though. Planning to be there this year if all works out. There's a good smallmouth bass stream near a place we'll be for a few days, and good camping, beach, and golf along Lake Huron for a few more.

Well, back to work. I'm slogging through Pennsylvania and how the diversity in the colony produced conflict. Not as bad as it sounds, but would rather be fishing...
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