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Default Re: I'm so tired of getting ripped off!

The problem is that buying anything SPECIFICALLY designed and labelled for fly fishing means it costs 5x more. Try shopping at your local craft store next time. Orvis sells small 4inch bricks of tying foam for about $2.50. I get printer paper sized sheets at the craft store by me for $.50 and they come in lots of colors. You can also get feathers and chenille there. Lots of other places have the same tools and materials we use for fly fishing but they aren't labelled for the sport so they are dirt cheap. For instance, check out this site for fly boxes. Nippers? You can grab them for super cheap at stores like CVS. If you get a regular toenail pair the file can even act as a hook hone.

To summarize, listing something as "for fly fishing" dramatically increases its price. Go to your local craft and convenience stores and you can find lots of the same tools/materials for a fraction of the price because its for the general populous.