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Default Re: Exotic continued

Originally Posted by bmbailes View Post
thats my dream!! what weight do you suggest for such a trip to the canals?
From the perspective of someone who has spent a great deal of time in Miami, this sounds very funny. The fish in the canals are no doubt beautiful and a dream to fish for, but the canals themselves.....not so much. On more than one occasion I fished very urban portions of the canals with my friend. Had a highway on one side and the projects on the other. Had to hop over guard rails, climb under fences, and avoid some really strange looks. I don't mean to put a damper on you dream here, its a great one, and like I said, the canals have amazing fishing; just got a good chuckle from my perspective.

And as for rod weight, its really up to how much play you want the fish to have. The canals are pretty narrow in most spots, so casting distance is of little concern. While I was there, I used a 5wt most of the time and had 0 problems. If I went back today, I'd definitely bring my 2wt as well. Those big tilapia, cichlids, and peacocks would be a blast on it. If you had to pick one rod and not worry about anything, I'd say grab a 6wt and you'll be fine. There's some big fish in there if you find them.
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