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Default Re: Exotic continued

If you get a warm sunny day you will be able to catch barracudas too. That was always my main target in the canals. They wait right by the shore, head slightly tilted up. They move so fast that you will feel the strike before you realize that they moved. If they strike on top water flies it sounds like a mini explosion. Wonderful fish to catch, just be prepared to lose flies.

I actually found a good unconventional way of fishing for them based on their aggression. Many times, they simply wouldn't be interested in my fly as it cruised past them. I slowly learned that they can sometimes respond very aggressively to noise. When they seemed lazy, I would rapidly tap the rod with my fingernail or bang it with my index finger knuckle while I stripped. This almost always elicited more strikes. I was even able to get strikes while using this noise method and leaving my fly lifeless in front of them. It's strange, I know, but if you are targeting cudas and not having much luck, give it a shot.
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