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Default Re: 3 wt Rod Recommendation (BVK maybe)?

I wanted to follow up and let everyone know what the outcome was with this thread.

I actually bought three different rods. I have a 9 (soon to be 10) year old son who has developed an interest in fly fishing and fly tying with me. Because of him, I opted for a 4 wt rod instead of the 3 wt I originally started looking for. The 4 wt line will make it easier for him to cast. I bought an Orvis 7' 4 wt Clearwater rod, reel and Helios 3D textured 4 wt line. The jury is still out on the line. The rest turned out great. He loves and can actually cast the rod. We did try longer rods initially. For me, it works well in those really tight quarters. In truth, I would have preferred a slightly better rod. Once you factor my son into the equation (and a 20% discount from Orvis), the Clearwater made a lot of sense. We are both quite happy!!

The other two rods I wound up ordering from Yellowstone Angler. If the UPS tracking info is correct, they arrive tomorrow. I just couldn't find the rods I wanted to cast locally. So, I talked it through with the guys at Yellowstone Angler. They offered to send me any rod I wanted to try and return anything I didn't like (as long as I paid for the rod up front and paid shipping to return with no damage done to the rod, which seemed quite fair to me). I got an extra discount because I bought two which didn't hurt either! I bought their 4wt best buy shootout winner, the St Croix Imperial 8.5' 4wt. I also bought a new St Croix 9' 5wt Legend Elite!! I will test cast them both over the next week or two. If I don't like either of them, I can return it and try something different.

I really like this forum and appreciate all the help and input from the folks here. I'm still way to new to this sport. It's great to have a place where I can get answers to those questions that I would not otherwise be able to answer on my own.

Thanks Again!!
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