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Default Re: Textured or not?

Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
The long rear taper maintains loop stability on longer casts and ameliorates hinging while mending associated with short rear tapers quickly reducing the mass/diameter of the line. This effects presentation in regard to more accurate longer casts and feeding or mending line to enhance a dead drift of your fly. However, it is the FRONT tapers gig to control your leader and alight a fly with precision and delicacy. Naturally, this is the anglers job; the line is simply an important tool.

SA offers long rear taper lines in SS Trout, Textured Trout(Stalker), Mastery Expert Distance Taper, Cortland has their slick Trout BOSS, RIO has Gold and British Airflo has recently introduced a couple of new lines in this configuration built on their low-stretch core material. Any one of these lines could be the ideal match for a given rod and anglers' application...TRYING them all would be quite a challenge though.
I'm just catching this response. Thanks for the info!! I bought three new rods and 3 different lines.

I bought:
1. a 7' 4wt from Orvis with the Helios 4wt 3D textured line on it. Seems to shoot well and doesn't make that much noise. I haven't fished with it enough to make a real judgment yet. Actually, my 9 year old son has used it more than I. I'll comment on the line once he LETS me use it!
2. an 8.5' 4wt that I haven't received yet with the SA Mastery textured Trout Stalker fly line.
3. a 9' 5wt that I haven't received yet either with the SA Mastery textured GPX fly line.
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