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Default Re: What is the best trout fly reel ever made?

Originally Posted by silver creek View Post
The purpose of a drag is to release line at a set tension and continue to release at that tension. The higher the start up inertia the lower you have to set your drag to protect identical strength tippets.

Here's another way to think of it.

Suppose we can fish 5 lb tippet or 4 lb tippet that is one "X" size smaller than the 5 lb tippet. Say one reel has zero start up inertial and the other reel has 33% start up inertia.

With the first reel you can set the drag at 3 lbs pull using the thinner 4 lb tippet and have 1 lb of safety. With the second reel, if you set the drag at 3 lbs of pull, but it will take 4 lbs of pull for the drag to start to slip. So you need to use the 5 lb tippet to get 1 lb of safety.

More often what happens is that the low inertial drag gives us a safety margin that protects against tippet wear, abrasion, nicks that gradually lower the breaking strength of the tippet. So even if the tippet gets weaker, the low inertial drag can protects us against the stupid things we do.
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