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Default Re: Ever hear a CRASH and do a what the hell?

Originally Posted by fredaevans View Post
I'm so sorry you're a slow reader, so I'll type slowly ....

90% of what gets posted up in fishing forums is what I call 'campfire banter.' Go ahead and look up the word 'banter.' I'll wait.

You're back, lets carry on.

On one level how many questions on what kind of camera, what kind of sunglass', what kind of leader, etc., get posted up over the course of time.? (Those happen to be current threads.)

If I feel I have something to contribute, I will. If you find that bothersome there is an "Ignore" function; please feel free to use same.
Didn't mean to offend you Fred. Not bothered by any of your posts, just confused as hell by your unique style of writing and words that I assume are common in your part of the country. For instance, I have no idea what hummer food is. Please don't take offense to my last post, I meant none.
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