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Default Re: Is there a limit?

Originally Posted by rockthief View Post
When I am casting poorly I "glue" my elbow to my side. Some rods only want wrist action, some forearm, some want the entire arm. But starting with my elbow to my side helps me to fine each rod's sweets spot. That has helped me with my timing and distance. OP I am curious - does this happen with every rod you cast?
Good tip.
Its hard to do this when fighting the long cattails, old fallen trees, and overhanging branches. I usually have to use my whole arm to avoid these hazards. It's like golfing St. Andrews in a windy driving rain.
I'd love to fish a good spot some day where I don't have to worry about alders, spruce, willows, cat tails, bulrushes...... Where's that bucket list thread.
To the OP, Lots of great advice above. I am just getting on the sweet spot of a vintage 5wt. 7.5 foot Sage rod that has a replacement tip of a different graphite and tech. It may help your rod sensitivity if you focus more of your body weight on the leg opposite your casting arm. Like 70% of your weight on your left leg if casting with right arm. If too much weight is on your casting arm, this is called double weighting and can throw off your cast.
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