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Default Re: Everything I Hope To Never Be...


The "head under the water" approach was offered up by "Trunk," but I asked him not to do it. My reasoning was more for the sake of his boys rather than the man's own safety. I didn't want them leaving the river with their last thoughts of a day astream being that of seeing their father's backside thrown from bank to bank, and kicked up and down the river! Doing so risked the potential loss of two future fly-fishermen somewhere down the road, and poor parenting or not, I won't take that chance. If the sport suits them, they'll find a better teacher at some point in their lives...

How do I know this? It has to do with "Trunk" and his kid brother, "Stack." (You'd have to know my "fishing cronies" to understand their own twisted brand of humor in handing out "nicknames"...) The brothers have been friends of mine since high school, and until they reached their "full potential"-- they both dwarf me, and I'm 6'1" and 205 pounds --they were on the receiving end of weekly "beat-downs" by their father. The abuse stopped when they grew larger than "Dear Old Dad" and took a stand against him. But, the scarring remained...

It would be nearly a decade after the fact that they happened upon me working out some of the kinks in my casting stroke on the lawn at home. Four days later, we(they) were working the beds of a small pond for panfish, with me providing "knot support" and instruction. Both became immediate addicts to all things fly-fishing related-- making their own leaders, fly-tying, rod-building, et al --and they've never looked back. I believe that fly-wrangling on no shortage of rivers has been far better therapy than one could ever imagine, and a form of treatment that has made them both serious contenders for "Fathers of the Year."

With that said, I will say this... Had "He of the Big Mouth" threatened my daughter, Jesse, in any way, shape or form, or been physically abusive to his sons, the man would have known immediate and harsh retribution. No one and I mean NO ONE threatens my family, my friends or a child, even if they are "his" sons. The hours spent astream-- and those that make up our lives as well --are far too few to be burdened with threatened abuse. I wasn't raised that way, and it was never a part of my "on-stream" tutoring sessions. Call it "old-fashioned," if you will, but certain actions can and will be privy to their own reactions! I do still hold to myriad ideas of "right and wrong..."

One last thing... I did make the trek down the drive to pull a license plate number, one that I've since handed off to an old law-enforcement buddy who's promised to follow up on the man's "life at home..."

Agree or disagree... I made the call as I saw it most appropriate, and I will stand by my actions, or lack thereof. We do our best each day, and we live with the decisions we make. In this one, I have no regrets...

Jerry, aka hairwing530

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