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Default Sharkskin Line + skin = pain

When I bought my Superfine Touch 2wt over a month ago, It came with up to a $100 line credit. I picked up a 3wt Sharkskin line (which retails about $99.95). In all fairness here, the line performs great; rarely gets knots, shoots well, floats great. The problem is that it cuts my hands.

The cuts come from the unique texture the line has. The texture is done for a reason and does (I guess) enhance its performance, but after an hour or two of stripping it or guiding it into my reel spool while picking up line, it makes grooves in my finger and wares my skin down to almost bleeding. I love how the line performs, but I might honestly have to stop using it. I literally have groove marks sawed into my stripping finger, like an additional skin crease.
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