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Default A Book And Its Cover... Reconsidered...

For those of you who read the posting "Everything I Hope To Never Be," there is an update of sorts that some may find noteworthy...

As yesterday afternoon was starting into its final hours before evening, I heard the sound of a vehicle coming up the long drive back into our place. I didn't recognize it at first, not until its driver got out and cautiously approached the front door. It was the same man whose "river tirade" got my blood boiling, and nearly earned him the wrath of one of my largest fishing cronies, "Trunk." And, in the car were the "targets" of the aforementioned "tirade"-- his two sons.

To my own amazement and in a rare show of restraint on my part, I left my immediate urge to tear him a new one squarely in "park" and decided to hear what he had to say. The next couple of hours were enlightening, to say the least.

First came his introduction and apologies-- to me, to "Trunk," and most importantly, to my daughter, Jesse. The pressures of raising a young family in an economy best described as "iffy" and those of his job finally came to a head on the day in question, and he'd taken it out on anybody within range. It was the wrong place, the wrong time, and moreso, the fallout came down on the two people who deserved far better-- his sons. And, for his admission of guilt, I had to give the guy credit for having the guts to say so.

Apologies accepted, I thought our collective time was done. His request caught me a little off-guard, but spoke volumes about his sincere wish to make all things right. He asked if Jesse and I could spend a little time giving him and his sons a few casting pointers. His was a background devoid of "teachers," and he wanted only the best for his boys on the stream.

It's amazing how quickly time passes when you're immersed in something enjoyable and not watching a clock. By the end of our "session," it was clear that their next fishing trip together would be better remembered than the last, as they all quickly locked in on the basics of the cast and were actually doing quite well by the time that the proverbial bell was sounded for the upcoming dinner hour.

As the threesome broke down and cased their rods, I retreated to the tying room and returned with three of my "pocket boxes" filled with flies that would be useful in the days ahead. Our information exchanged, I received an e-mail of "thanks" this morning, with a gracious offer to "pay" for the time/lessons freely given yesterday. Kind and generous, to say the least, but my reply was that it was unnecessary. Instead, he could donate whatever he felt best to the "FITW" project.

Sometimes, I guess you really do have to get into the true text of a book rather than judging solely by its cover...

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