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Default Fishing etiquette! Do people have any?

Is there any? Apparently not where we go fishing. I read the post this morning Why do people have to be knuckleheads? and we had a similar thing happen. The wife and I went out fishing to a stocked pond as the rivers are high and very dirty in my opinion and its run-off. We came up to the pond at about 8:30 am and picked a nice quiet spot away from everyone. There were quite a few people around the entire pond. We started fishing next to one another and within minutes we were hooked into fish as others looked on 1,2,3, 4 fish and we were having a blast. Slowly people started merging towards us and set up shop next to us. There was not much room behind us to cast and now we had people walking in behind us trying to see what we were using and the fish that we were catching.

I ended up casting, trying to be careful and some lady walked right behind me and I hooked onto her scarf. We went from nobody around us to about 20 people right where we were fishing in a matter of minutes. The woman had the nerve to tell me to watch what I am doing. I responded back with a "you should watch where you walk" she did not like that too much. By now nobody has caught anything and my wife and I are the only ones fly fishing and catching fish and "in the way" of others as we are in the water with our waders on. Soon enough people started throwing their bait and spin reel lines on top of ours and getting us tangled up. We also released most of the fish we caught, we kept a few for us, the people were getting so mad and asking us to give them the fish instead of putting it back. I just smiled and said I guess you have to learn how to fish to get the prize and work for it.

By no means was it a snobby comment but a few people took offense and we just decided it was best to leave that area. By now everyone has set up in the same location as us and the rest of the pond was empty. We walked over to the other side and started fishing again and hooked into a few fish. By no means are we experts we have been fly fishing for about a year now and we had a heck of time. We ended up catching 52 fish and making just as many people mad by releasing them back. We did not let it get to us but people seemed to just flock to where we were. I ended up catching a large fish and one woman was trying to talk us down by saying she hates large fish and that they are no fun. Well I had a heck of a time and here is a few photos during the day. I had a wonderful time and I did not let any of it get to us as I was spending time with someone I love doing something we both love.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

This rainbow was released from a hatchery I am guessing they used it for spawning. Either way it was a fun fish to catch it was 10lbs and 26.5"

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