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Default Re: Fishing etiquette! Do people have any?

Originally Posted by half fast View Post
I've seen this sort of thing while fishing. Interestingly, when I go dove hunting at one of the state fields it's completely opposite. Everyone is courteous, everyone leaves plenty of room for the other folks, and everyone helps each other out when it comes to spotting a downed bird or whatever. Great camaraderie, all the shooters are friendly and pleasant.

Somehow loaded shotguns seem to make everyone much more polite. Maybe you could try toting a 12ga on your next fishing trip.....?
Haha didn't see your last line until I began typing. I was going to say, I think I'd be a little more courteous to someone holding a firearm than a fly rod.

I never give people the fish I catch, but I always just say something simple like: "I'm sorry, I try to release everything I catch." Most people get it. If they have something to say past that, than so do I.
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