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Default Re: Fishing etiquette! Do people have any?

Originally Posted by Bonefishdick View Post
I was fishing upstream and had NUMBER OF FISH RISING just below a small foot bridge hat crossed the creek when along comes a kid about 10 or 11 years old who starts to fish off the bridge and drifting his fly down stream towards me which means I got to stand there and stare at him and it did not seem to faze him.

The point of the story his his father was standing next to him on the bridge and did not seam to have enough common sense to tell the kid that what he was doing was exactly the wrong thing to do. The old man just watched the kid. I guess if you start training them young to be totally to be IGNORANT, then that is what you are going to get from them when they grow up. Obviously the father learned his lesson well from his father.
I can only shake my head when this happened to me. One of my FAVORITE encounters a kin to this was; when a young man who is in a Big Brother Teaching Kids To Fish program stormed into my spot with 3 very loud teenagers whom he was "mentoring". They were basically took over my spot liked I was not there at all. So loud and no etiquette at all, I moved to the another corner of the lake and had my peace and quite but no fish moment. Then I called it a day when I saw the rowdy bunch moved toward me.

I once read posting from a father who wrote about his father-daughter memorable experience. Where it was only him and his young daughter fishing a stretch of stream with nobody else there except for them. He witnessed his daughter's first fish, the good fight, the beautiful fish and the picturesque nature. I've been searching for that one unspoiled place but yet to find one. I still have 1 year to look for that place before my little girl is 3.
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