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I don't have pics but the eBay listing is still up, and it has a bunch of them. (Including one misplaced shot of a butt cap from another rod, Ignore that one.)

Here's the listing: Orvis Vintage Scroll down past the current listings at the top of the page and you'll see the Small Stream Special.

According to the listing, the guy bought it in 1992 and stuck it in his storage room and can't remember ever using it it. He shipped it to me in not only the original aluminum tube, but even the original plastic sleeve that protected the aluminum tube.

If you search for an item on eBay, there is a function where you can save your search and it will send you an email notice when a new one is listed. That's how I found it. It's a great way to keep an eye out for things that don't come on the market very often, but you wouldn't want to search for, say, "WF5F fly line" or "Nikon Coolpix digital camera" that way or your mailbox would get flooded.

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Originally Posted by Pocono View Post
How about a nice Young Beaudex, in black? Check them out on ebay. Also a Pridex or Condex would probably look good, too.

The Youngs tend to run to the heavy side. Besides, I think most of them had been discontinued by the early 1990's. I've got a nice one paired up with my '60's vintage Shakespeare Wonderod, though.
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