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Default Re: Fly Fishing Near Indianapolis

I haven't lived in Indiana for more than 30 years, so I'm not the best source of information, but my suggestions would be:

1) Call "Flymasters of Indianapolis" and ask them for advice, I'm sure they'd help you. Nice fly shop on the North side of town.

2) The White River runs right through the city. I believe it has decent smallmouth fishing, although I don't know what July is like. I believe the best parts are south of the city, in the vicinity of Martinsville/Spencer. The North side, up towards Noblesville, is also popular. There are guides available, you can find them with an internet search or Flymasters can probably set you up.

3) Sugar Creek, near Crawfordsville, is ~1 hour from Indy and it is a good smallmouth stream. Its also very beautiful, I did a few float trips when I was in college back there.

Good luck!

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