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Default Re: My search is over- Mint Sage 505L

Originally Posted by wannafish View Post
Interesting! How do they compare pricewise? (JLH to Sage 500 series) Also what does the JLH stand for?
James L Hardy, I have no idea off the top of my head what the L stood for, although I'm sure one of my Hardy history books has the info. I don't remember what they retailed for. I think both were in the $150-$200 range when they were discontinued.

Used, you use to be able to find the Sages cheaper, and the Sage non-lights didn't have as much porting and were a little heavier. But alas their are no more secrets on Ebay so both the Sage and the JLH tend to go for decent money, about $250. Most of the JLH's were dark grey, they made a few "golden" JLH's that are the same color as the Sage. I don't know if they were a special edition or if Hardy had some left over un-marked Sages after the contract ran out.

But I like mine a lot, I've landed more than a few 20" class Browns with it.
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