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Default Re: Gun's!! Who's got em, who leaves em??

In this area, with it's dense population, the possibility of an encounter with human trouble is always a possibility. As I said in my previous post, I've been "checked out" but have not actually been assaulted. There are some fishing spots, mostly places that bait fisherman would use, where there has been robberies & assaults. Those places have too easy access, but are out of the way enough that law enforcement patrols are not regular. Mostly the police would pass thru occasionally, & mostly at night. Some of these assaults have happened in the day light. Several years ago there was an older fellow robbed & beaten. It does happen.

I work mostly at night & alone. I go about doing my job, in & out of shopping centers & buildings, often in the back doors where there is little exposure to passing law enforcement. I do often see patrols, but more often nothing. I've been approached but again never had any real issues. I had a hooker pull a knife on me once, after I told her I wasn't interested in her "service" & demanded my wallet. She was stupid, a tiny girl and when I told her to leave or I would hurt her badly, she started to shake. She left without further incident. My size, I'm sure has some determent affect. However, my greatest fear is the one who would shoot me without provocation regardless of the circumstance. That can certainly happen anywhere, and I don't feel carrying could necessarily stop it.
I'm less concerned about such things when out fishing than I am while working. Like others have said, I'm constantly aware of my surroundings either way.

About 20 years ago, I was fishing alone on a small stream, and was approached by three younger men. My guess is they spotted my lone vehicle, which was just off the main road & decided to "check it out". I was not far up stream, so heard them as they got out of their vehicle. I left the stream & went up the bank to the trail. I was heading back towards my truck, when they came down the path. Young guys in their early 20's, perhaps even still in their teens. None of them carrying fishing gear or anything else that I could see.

The first guy, the "leader" I guess, said "hey, catching anything?" to which I answered, "no", not yet, just got here." He then said, "nice looking rod", I'll bet it's worth a lot". That cued me to their intent. I was wearing chest waders, and carrying my rod in my right hand. I simply passed my rod to my left hand, and slipped my right hand into the top of my waders, like I was reaching for something and simply said "you don't want to go there, it will turn out very bad". There was a few moments of stunned silence & the second guy said to the first "lets get outta here", and they turned around & left. My bluff had worked & I went back to my truck & hung out awhile to be sure they didn't come back. I continued fishing & a NRP officer came around after awhile & I told him of the incident. He said he would put the word out to other officers in the area to be watching for these guys. That's as close as I've ever come to actually wanting to be carrying.
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