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Default Another PA fella! (take 2)

I first posted my intro in the UK forum so I'm just doing a copy and posting one here since that was the original intention:

Hi everyone! My name is Todd and thought I'd join the forum here.
I own a remodeling business in the Harrisburg, PA area (Enola based) so alot of my time is absorbed with just that.

Before my own business I was employed for an eternity and the never ending stress is what got me away from fly fishing and fishing in general even though my fifth wheel camper is at a campground on the Susquehanna.
Obviously, being a business owner takes on a whole new and different line of stress, I've picked the rods back up to keep myself sane I'm planning on doing a lot more fly fishing again, already been out and gearing up with some odds and ends that I need.

I've been thinking about getting some new gear to add to the collection. Right now for trout, I use a Berkley 5w rod with Martin reel and for bass I have a vintage set up (don't laugh because I love it...) an early 80's Diawa Rod with a K-Mart 333 reel. That was my first fly rod handed to me by my pap so I will always have it, learned on it and still use it. I'm thinking of stepping up to a bigger rig for these Musky in the Susquehanna. Over the years, I've tracked and fished them with regular spinning gear and only hooked one. There's some 4-6 footers around so I decided to throw flies at em

Aside from fishing, I like to camp in the fifth wheel (travel with it when possible), spend time with my family, grill, and I'm also a moderator of a remodeling forum which is always exciting...
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