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Default Re: redington predator?

ok...i got the rod today!! i put a spool of Rio 6wt. smallmouth line on and it actually cast GREAT!! which is strange since the Smallmouth line has a long 200gr. head. switch spools and put on an 8wt. Smallmouth line.....280gr. and the rod flexed all the way to the butt and felt like a noodle! the 6wt. line went back on and it is flexing the tip and just starting to flex the midsection. either way it can rocket line out to pinpoint accuracy!! i did a quick field test and think ill be sticking with the smallie line.....sorta the best of both worlds...point and shoot cast good and if i need a false cast it works at that too. now my other 9' 6weights will be collecting dust

little guy but at least i know the rod still flexs on the small ones
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