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Default Re: Interesting Alpine Fish

Originally Posted by dean_mt View Post
Most certainly it is a char.

I would have agreed with Kelly on it being a bull trout (or dolly as the sea-run are called). Countr21 sounds like he knows about the stocking programs and has also caught them, so I agree, Lake Trout.

I also echo Ard in wondering why in hell a state Fish and Game agency would be stocking Lake Trout in the alpine.

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Sorry Joe but the Bull Trout's historical range does not reach to the East Slope of the Rockies. The furthest E that bullies go is Alberta.

There is just no way these are bull trout. And a lot of your I.D. clues are not full proof. Bull Trout actually do have "pointed" heads and as Poke 'Em pointed out, Lakers do not have black lead edges.
It's a little off-topic, but Dolly Varden are NOT sea-run bull trout. In fact, Dolly Varden may not be sea-run at all, and some bull trout populations do go to the sea.

And Alberta would be the east slope of the rockies...
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