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Default So close, last question

Hey guys. I've narrowed everything down to basically 2 rods for my first spey. I was originally planning on going a little cheaper but I picked up some extra spending cash so now Meiser is my guy.

The question is between the S series 5wt and 6wt. I've got some really great input from Bob, and I know which one he's leaning towards, but I'd really appreciate some last minute input from the crowd on popular vote.

For some background, the rod will be used in freshwater (stillwater) for largemouth and similar warmwater species. The LMB also do not get very big here, with most being under 3lbs and almost all being under 5lbs. Flies range from small and unweighted to larger and weighted (including foam frogs and mice).

I really appreciate all the help in my search so far.
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