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Default Re: So close, last question

I definitely get that fly size is really the determining factor here, I'm just not acquainted enough with spey lines and grain weights to determine that for myself. As I've never cast a spey line before, it is hard for me to know how a big fly vs a small fly feels to throw on different line weights, shooting heads, etc. This is why I look to people here for advice on specifics.

Where I live is also not popular for spey rodders (in fact they are all but non existent here) and I don't live too close to a store that stocks spey rods and is willing to let me test fire a few off (plus I'd have to learn how first).

I know that a 6wt will cast a larger fly easier, but I really have no idea right now how much easier, or how much farther.

I know I didn't fully ask my question in a way that would get the responses I was looking for, so here is really what I'd like to know: which one would YOU pick, not necessarily why, as I have that figured out.
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