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Default Breaking off at the knot

I lost 3 really big Greenies yesterday and can only blame myself. It has to be at my knot, leader and tippet (surgeons knot). All three broke off at the knot. Threw my woolly bugger into the downfall, let it sink and stripped, hooked up and each time I got it almost to the boat and when it ran the leader snapped at the knot. Drag was light.
Should I forget the whole taper leader/tippet thing and tie on maybe some #10 mono to my line?
I was using a 7 1/2' 5x leader with 5x ti;pet. I've read somewhere that a bass set-up can be as simple as a piece of mono. Mostly Im thinking about closures, muddlers and woollies.
They looked like maybe 5-7# fish. Whats the right way to set up for Bass?
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