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Default Fly Fishing "only" sections near Harrisburg?

First off, I've always wondered if these areas are all around better... Quite a few years ago I hit one in Cameron County Pa with my uncle but conditions were horrible.

I've been fishing the Yellow Breeches with a friend of mine (Camp Hill Section) and on off time, I go around looking for better areas because now that its summer, we keep running into boaters, party'ers, fetch with dogs etc... Yesterday I was fishing at a dam and there was a Dub-Tee guy catching some fish on Power Bait... Most were not big enough for him so he was chucking them across the stream. I saw that and packed 'er in for the day...

I heard of the FF only section in Boiling Springs but never fished it and looking for any other remote areas to get away from the "power baiter's". Any suggestions?
Oh, and suggestions for lower populated snakes makes me feel much better (copperheads, rattlesnakes...)
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