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Default Pteronarcys californica...

Ok...thats about as technical as Im going to folks are starting to rub off on me...but I sure felt smarter typing that out!

reports from friends in Colorado and Oregon are that the monster salmon fly hatch is bigger than ever...this is a newer version of one I tried try and get the colors better...

of course it uses some of my favorite "homegrown" materials too...its not perfect...but it has worked OK...if you tie some foam into the body it floats a lot more effectively...however there are advantages to the semi-submerged presentation too. It floats well for a while then starts to go down...a few false casts can give it some life, but the wax wears off after a while.Even with a HD ginks job on it...but hopefully it will get gobbled up long before its shelf life is reached!

Click the image to open in full size.

Big Gunny 1

size 2-6 nymph or salmon hook...
natural mallard flanks for wings...
amber dyed mallard flanks for under body...
amber or brown synthetic sinew for legs...
wild turkey fan for over body...
black mallard tail feather for shoulder shroud...

I like to tie up a half dozen at a time and even prep them with a 24" piece of size 4 flouro for the tippet...makes it easier with the antennae etc. I twist them onto a piece of the gray foam pipe insulation to keep them ready and out of the way in my pocket...I like a 6 foot leader on a 5-6 weight rod...this is a big bug and works well regardless of which side lands up, thats why I put some attention as to what the underside looks like to(the amber color), the wings facing down are very realistic. The waxed malllard flanks have a great look!

Click the image to open in full size.

this is a real fun bug to pitch with my 11ft 7wt switch rod too...a little better control and distance is possible...with a standard rod like a 6wt 9 footer stack mends are a great way to fish it (a downstream drift)

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

here is a link for an SBS for those that are interested...
wandering monks fly of the month 4 | tales of a wandering monk

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