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Default Re: Good 9wt rods

To be honest, and not to infer anything on your end, but I think that casting larger flies is much more about casting technique than rod weight. My standard bass rod is a 6wt and I throw everything from small to large, including size 2 heavy eyed clousers, large 1/0 foam frogs and mice, and heavily weighted crayfish. I've never felt that the 6wt was undergunned for my flies, especially since casting 80 ft is really unnecessary for almost all freshwater bassing applications.

My new primary rod for just about everything is a 2wt, and I can still throw size 6 tungsten bead leeches, smaller foam frogs, and medium streamers on it. If you know how to haul or double haul, you can save yourself 1 or 2 rod sizes and get more enjoyment out of the fish.

I guess if you are consistently pulling 6lb bass from a patch of lily pads than a 9wt might make sense, but I can get 25 lb stripers on my 9wt.
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