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Originally Posted by axle27 View Post
Currently, I have an off-the-shelf landing net with the old style net on it (woven thread). I've been thinking about getting a better one.

As usual, I don't want to break the bank. Any suggestions?
I am a tropical lightning creations fanatic, I have several in koa, mango, cocobolo, with mesh and rubber coated nets. The nets arent as good as the new pvc nets, but they sure are purrty!
They MOST DEFINITELY WILL BREAK YOUR BANK THO! Since TLC has gone out of business and my nets havent been fished, I am asking retail since they will probably be collectors items! Starting at $65 for large teardrop macnut mesh net, up to $100 for cocobolo c&r rubber coated net, to $125 for pontoon sized koa net, $125 for cocobolo C&R net with boat size c&r hoop, $150 for boat mango net, $150 for mango large fly box with 25 flies of your choice of steelhead, saltwater, or trout dries and nymphs.
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