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Default Re: Good 9wt rods

Originally Posted by itchmesir View Post
I really enjoy my Redington Predator 9wt... Can bomb flesh with mine 4/0 8" flies not an issue...

As for lighter rods... Sure you may be able to land a bass on a 2wt or 6wt... But you won't wrestle them out of weedbeds and lily pads... You'll just end up with a lost fish... Lost fly... Or broken tip
This is part of a pretty large fallacy about the UL world of fly fishing. Although a 2wt certainly doesn't have the backbone of a 9wt, it has far more than most people think.

Plus, if your rod is capable of pulling a 6lb bass from a patch of lily pads, then letting the fish swim around is just unneccesary, as you could easily enough drag him to shore using the same power if not in lily pads. Seems kind of unsporting to me. This is personal preference though, I don't mean to say your way is wrong, just unenviable to me personally.

If there's no chance of losing the fish, are you really fishing?
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