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Default Re: 2 weight rod?

I've got three '2 wt' rods:

St. Croix Imperial - 6'0"
St. Croix Legend Ultra - 7'6"
Sage ZXL - 8'0"

The one I use the most often, by far, is the 6-ft. Imperial. Here's part of the reason:

When I measured the ERNs of these rods, I found the Imperial is really a 1 wt. The Ultra is a 2 wt, and the ZXL measures as a 3 wt.

Also, the Imperial weighs only 1.8 Oz. (Ultra 2.8; ZXL 2.6) Combine it with a light reel and you have a small, light package.

I've caught 1 1/2 lb. trout with it. It bends a lot, but is otherwise fine. The only negative I can see is hook-setting. It's so light that you have to put a little extra oomph into the hook set.

Plus, it's the least expensive of the bunch ($170). (I should mention it's a two-piece. Broken down, it's still longer than the others.)
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