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Originally Posted by itchmesir View Post
I don't know you... Maybe you're the type that would bear hunt with a .22 but I prefer the right tools for the job... I understand the whole fun with a UL rod... But sometimes the lil guys just can't get the job done right

It seems more unsporting to play a large fish half to death on the wrong tackle... But who am I to say what's right or wrong.. it's not like I'm the guy preaching to people how to properly hold a crappie but perfectly alright with exhausting fish
Pretty hard to exhaust a largemouth. They give up in about 5 seconds, and the small ones can be efficiently muscled with any weight rod.

Also, I'm not saying he should use a 2wt, only that a 9wt is overkill in both distance and fish fighting power. Maybe it's not to you personally, but I think to 90% of people it is. Again, personal preference, in just telling him standard practices. I would personally end up disappointed if I bought a 9wt for LMB on someone's suggestion.

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