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Default Re: Nymph Rod Action

Originally Posted by imxer View Post

I agree that a stiffer rod would probably help.

Set the hook by moving the rod tip downstream and parallel with the water surface. The hook should end up in the fishes mouth or still drifting.
This is a very good question. I was just in my local fly shop swapping putting new reels on two of my rods, including my moderate action Scott G 904-4. One of the guys picked it up and said it would be a great nymphing rod. That I don't get, to me it is a wonderful dry fly rod, it seems like nymphing is just lobbing weight out there.

I also remember drifting the Big Horn river one year in hot august weather. The fish were all on the bottom of this deep river, my two buddies had fast action Sage rods and were catching fish right and left as we bounced nymphs with split shot along the bottom. I was getting hit after hit, but with my much softer tip could not set the hook. That convinced me that I needed a little stiffer rod for nymphing.

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