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Default Re: 7 weights....why no love?

My local fly shop was Knocking the 7 wt for LM. I wish there was a clear cut decision so i can go buy a fly rod!!
Hey Dryfly.....If you going to throw big bugs or streamers at bass a 9 or 10 is not out of reason. A 7 or 8 will handle many bass bugs and streamers. A 5 or 6 will do a fine job of small to even medium sized bugs depending on distance and wind. A 7wt with a lot of backbone will handle a surprising amount of wind and bass bug size. Depending on the line you choose. There is no black and white answer. You define your needs and then choose a rod and line. The reel for bass is of little concern and a $25 dollar one will work and last you many years even with hard usage.

Just remember....the heavier rod the more energy to cast over a long day on the water. ......sort of.....Casting big bugs on a heavy rod is easier than on too light of a rod if distance is needed. It is all a compromise
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