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Default The Carp Thread

I'm intrigued with the new carp phenomenom... I see a lot of separate threads on different sub topics like trips, flies etc... The flies look amazing and simple to produce but i'd like to learn more about this so maybe some of you can weigh in here

Here's the kinds of stuff i'd like to know:
*When to fish (night, day or any specific conditions better than others)
*Do you throw your fly and leave it sit like live bait or do you hunt them down and throw it at their nose?
*Has anyone used tandem rigs?
*Should you lightly jig your fly around?
*When making flies, should you use a heavy beadhead eye to flip the hook up? (Id assume weed guards don't matter in this case...)
*Any other fly pattern than grassy stuff that can be effective?

I guess theirs tons of other questions or info that others may want to know like specific equipment.

There's a lot of carp around here in the Susquehanna River. I've seen plenty of people catch them with corn on a hook and at night people will bow fish with a spot light from the boat... I don't know if they're grass carp but interested in giving this a shot.

Any info, pictures, tips are very much appreciated. I've thought of trying a triple tandem rig with a grassy fly then 2 additional flies that look like corn (yellow salmon egg type thingy...)

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I'm also interested to know hook size for patterns and fly line type that works best (sink tip, full sink or if a floating line will suffice)
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