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Default Re: Double Haul.... Won't.....

interesting tread...I find myself pinching my line with my left hand and casting with my right in the "haul" motion a basic reflex...even when distance is not an issue, it always helps me with a soft landing and presentation...especially with a dry fly. I fish bamboo almost exclusively.

sharkskins are for sure smooth casting lines, I have two...I love them, once I got used to the sound of the line sliding along the snake guides ...I have not experienced any problems with trout hearing that noise , at least in any adverse way. But we are allowed to be a bit particular and even eccentric in this pursuit...Lord knows I sure am...

the sharkins can tend to make tailing loops for someone casting a double or helicopter haul just getting used to them due to their added performance...for sure their is a difference...thats why they cost more...the material they are made from.

My new favorite dry fly line are the ones made by (or for) E.F.Payne in Bend Oregon of bamboo rod fame...very forgiving, and haul outstanding. Plus I love the white/ivory color...similar to the older style SA lines from the 70's.

the youtube clip posted by SC is excellent along with the other Orvis instructional videos. Even if you think you know what you are doing...there are some mechanical details to be learned that are really cool...they explain why things are happening that I never even was aware of in truth. Once you stop learning its over...

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