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Default Re: The Carp Thread

Hooked what was easily a 20 pound carp about an hour ago and had him on for 20 mins. Had some guy helping trying to tail him. Had his head out of water and floating several times but there is a steep rocky embankment at the reservoir and its hard to reach fish. Guy tried to tail him but grabbed the line like I told him not to, carp gave one last kick an snapped the line.

It was literally as close as it could have possibly been to caught. If he bobbed up closer on any of the 5 occasions he did than I would have had him. Second time this has happened. The guy felt bad that he grabbed the line and I was really bummed but I didn't blame him, standard protocol with most fish. I was using 4x so I'm sure he wasn't expecting such light line holding such a large fish. Maybe I should have just tried to land him myself.
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