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Default Re: BIG Bass fly casting help

Depends what your definition of BIG is for flies. If you could give us some examples of specific sizes and patterns it would help us narrow down.

Off the bat, here is what I'd say:

Rod - 7wt 9'0''
Reel - Anything (but preferably large arbor), all it's going to do is hold your line
Line - A 7 or 8wt WFF line or a dedicated bass taper
Leader - 16lb tippet material
Tippet - 12lb tippet material

Suggestions for bass flies:

A few bend-backs (probably baby bass patterns)
Terrestrials (hoppers, dragonflies, etc.)

A lot of people are probably going to suggest an 8wt rod for you. PERSONALLY, I think that is often too much rod, but then again the bass by me are smaller and I never need to cast that far. A lot will also depend on your casting skill level. A decent-good caster could get the same distance with a 6wt that a novice could with an 8wt.
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