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Default Re: BIG Bass fly casting help

Nick is correct.....your info is a too vague. A 6wt might work but a 9 or 10 may work better if you are using large wind resistant bugs and streamers. The weather conditions can also be a factor. Windy = a big rod and distance you want to cast is also a factor. A 7wt is a good choice for all except real big bugs and lots of wind. Unless you are a big strong fella I would not recommend a big glass rod if you plan any long days throwing large bugs. I also like glass rods but they are heavy. Even a 9wt graphite can get heavy after a few hours. You might consider buying a 7wt with lots of back bone and have multiple line wts for it. Maybe a 7wt, 8wt, and 9wt. Get 3 identical moderately priced reel for the lines. If you are expecting to need sinking lines your reel and line needs can get expansive. Only you can decide what you will need and want and like to cast. A bass taper line or even a saltwater taper would be a good place to start.

Keep in mind that it is easier to cast a heavy line as the bug size increases. Some fellas use a 10wt to throw large bugs. A 7' 9wt is easier to cast than a 9' 9wt but your distance is a little more limited. A 7' 9wt will need to be custom made because I don't think any manufacturer makes such an animal.
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