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Default Re: BIG Bass fly casting help

In my opinion the Sage Bass series rods are BLATANT overkill. The largemouth one is what would be a 10wt. To put that in perspective, I use a 9wt for saltwater striped bass and I generally feel its a little heavy for them.

I have no doubt that if Sage listed the species specific rods in standard weight format instead of grain weights (which confuse most fisherman) than they would be far less popular. No one needs to throw a 3/0 deer hair popper 80 feet into high wind and then pull the bass out of a tree stump with 2 other smaller bass on dropper flies.

Don't go higher than an 8wt or I personally think you will be disappointed in your fishing experience. As I've said before on other threads, many people get caught up in what a rod CAN do and not what the angler actually NEEDS to do. The SAGE Bass is a perfect example of telling the angler all the wonderful things they can do and all the huge bugs they can throw, but not actually going them what they need. A stiff broomstick can fight a bass too, but I wouldn't use it.

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