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Default Re: BIG Bass fly casting help

Originally Posted by Rip Tide View Post
If you've never done it then there no way for you to know that it's actually a lot of fun to fish the big bugs.
Seriously...... don't knock it 'till you've tried it.
I never said it wasn't fun, and I mentioned that it is necessary for some people. But any novice bass angler with a fly rod can get media/marketing blinded and think they need a 10wt to cast 5 inch streamers for their local 1lb bass.

All I'm saying is to personally think critically about what YOU need to do versus what people tell you THEY need to do or what a rod manufacturer tells you their rod CAN do. If you think casting 3/0 bugs is fun, more power to you. If you are just starting out bass fishing or buying a new bass rig (as this guy seems like he is) and think you need a 9wt rod, you are probably wrong. You might not be, like I said, but you probably are.

All I ask is for him to think critically about his personal situation.
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