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Default Re: BIG Bass fly casting help

People's definitions of "BIG" can be very different. I am also trying to provide the man with some additional information and thoughts that he would be wise to consider, regardless of what decision he chooses to make.

I am personally grateful for every time someone in my life has chosen to give me an alternate perspective on a subject before feeding me an answer that they believe could possibly lead to my dissatisfaction.

If you don't like my advice, that is fine, it is not for you, it is for him. He can chose to disregard it as he sees fit, it will not stop me from posting what I believe to be a valid consideration for him.

When I bought a 7wt spey rod for largemouth a nice man at the local Orvis store told me it was too much rod for what I was going to do and politely told me I would regret it. Another man there, clearly a better salesman, worked hard to convince me it was perfect. I chose to go with it. What happened? It was far too much rod for the largemouth by me, even for the big flies I wanted to throw. Let's not forget that what we think we want is not always what we truly want, and let us be thankful for those of us willing to be publicly blasted and scorned in order to warn us.
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