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Default Re: BIG Bass fly casting help

Originally Posted by Rip Tide View Post
Maybe my limited experience is showing as I've never used a woolybugger for bass.

Back in 1987-88 the bassin' TV shows were fairly new and a buddy of mine was a big fan.
He decided that because I had a boat and he didn't, that I needed to take him bass fishing. I was a hard core trout guy at the time fishing 3-5 times a week and I remember telling the guy at the fly shop that bass fishing was a waste of time and any fly fisherman worth his salt should be practicing their skills on trout.
Anyway, I bought some stinger hooks and started spinnin' big hairy bass bugs and found out that I loved it.
Not only that, but I didn't have to drive to get to a good trout stream. There was a former reservoir that had just been opened to public fishing not 1/4 mile from my house that had big bass in it and lots of them.
Not only that but there's easily 15 other bass ponds with-in 3 miles of my house...... I went practically every day for 6 or 7 years until the saltwater bug bit me hard.
Nowadays I split my fishing time pretty evenly between trout, warmwater and the salt.... some years more one than the other.
I still use big bass bugs and poppers though. Not only because they're fun to make and but because they're fun to fish. More fun than a "trout fly" would be
So I apologize if my "limited" experience clouds my judgement.
If you could highlight the portion of my post that mentions "experience" or "limited" I would appreciate it.
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